Sofa Factory Ukraine

Like most companies, the Comforto sofa factory in Ukraine had its ups and downs. Initially, her activities consisted in selling furniture from Belarus, but with the onset of the crisis and depreciation of the national currency in Ukraine, our team seriously thought about producing high-quality expensive furniture that would have been priced at an affordable price. Taking the course for an expensive segment, we started producing chic modular systems with high quality stuffing.

Over time, our efforts were justified, because the buyers appreciated it. The events that took place at the beginning of our work did not prevent us from consolidating ourselves in the furniture market and for 7 years now we have been competing competitively.

We have a responsible mission – creating beautiful interiors for relatively little money. The design, manufactured by us furniture, can be compared with models from Italy, while they are more accessible. You become the owner of beautiful Ukrainian furniture, for the creation of which quality stuffing (mechanisms, leather, furniture fabric) was used.


GRATEFUL PURCHASERS – THE BEST MOTIVATION FOR US We are glad to people who know how to appreciate the true quality that stimulates us not to stop and continue to develop: to use only innovative equipment, to form only the best team of highly professional specialists, to focus on the best style (modern, classical and others) and design.